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Re: Race & Spider-Man: Sony Confirms a Glass Ceiling for Miles Morales

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This sort of reasoning is a catch-22. You don't see a lot of superhero/comic book movies featuring central characters as people of color, because they aren't popular in the comics, and they aren't popular in the comics because comics have long been a predominantly white medium, so no one reaches that level of popularity to justify making a film.
Aye, and it's additionally a case of studios and publishers not willing to take that chance. Thankfully, we have comics like the new Ms. Marvel that's doing pretty well critically and financially, and I really hope that that pans into more diversity in Marvel in general, but also into a budding franchise for Kamala Khan.

As Gail Simone once pointed out, audiences have always been diverse. Arts & entertainment? Not so much. Trying to make a minority part of the center tends to elicit accusations of tokenism and PC-ness, but good art & entertainment is inspired by reality, and reality has a lot more color than white male faces. One reason why Anthony Mackie chose to play the Falcon was so that kids in general would have a black action figure to play with, and that black kids in particular could have something that says, "Hey, that hero looks like me! I can be a hero, too."

Additionally, while I dislike the Fast & the Furious movies, one thing it has going for it is *plenty* of minority protagonists, and it rakes in the cash. It's kind of cynical to say that this all depends on money, but there is certainly appeal.
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