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Mr. Merlin
USS Phoenix

USS Phoenix
Group: Federation Sim Fleet -
Fleet: Alpha Fleet
Host(s): FSF Merlin ( and FSF Bastetovski (
Sim Website:
Sim Type: Message Board, IRC Chat Sim (first Wednesday of the month)
Sim Location: For the once a month gathering.

Sim Time: First Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM ET.
Open Positions: Fighter Pilots, Medical Staff, Engineers, Specialists

The Year is 2326. The USS Phoenix although she has had many difficulties in her fist two years of active duty she is on point over a class G planet on the edge of the quadrant investigating the possibility of terra-forming it for further federation expansion.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some interest in this planet by the Gorn.

At this current time there is an away team landing on the planet at what looks to be some sort of hidden base; quite possibly a Gorn base. If this is the case that would explain the recent attack on the Phoenix.

Come join the Phoenix and her crew as they continue this investigation and try to find celestial bodies suitable for terra-forming as well as figure out why there is a presence of the Gorn so close to the Federation boarders.

Come join the crew of the Phoenix and her crew as they puzzle out these challenges
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