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Re: Star Trek: Shepard; Recovery, chapter 3 (part 1)

Cejay, nice to hear from you.

Action... I guess I got carried away with developing the characters and backstory. I'm just having so much fun as this whole trek-writing thing is new to me. I'd have to say I'm tend to be detail oriented in my writing.. But I also write action oriented stories. Just ask Gibralter about the action in the non-trek novel I am working on. Trust me, it will be coming. But I am writing this with the idea that it may end up a full novel size story, so thirty to fourty pages before major action is not unusual. It's also not how all my storis will begin, so have hope.

Of course with what I've set myself up with as a cast and support tug, any battles will be highly improvisational and risky anyway... I have to be careful what I throw at them..

I totally know what you mean about catching up on reading. I've just gotten caught up on the Bluefin stories, and am working on yours, DarKush's and David Falkayn's. A lot of reading to do, since I started late in the game...

THanks for the feedback, I am listening.

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