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Re: Why Enterprise did not carry the Star Trek name

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Just saying, I threw it out there as hearsay (*from a reliable source).
patweb wrote: View Post
Dukhat wrote: View Post
That's an oxymoron. One does not get "hearsay" from a reliable source. One gets reliable information from a reliable source.
Yet the news thrives on unconfirmed sources. Just sayin.
Hookay, time out, both of you.

patweb, welcome to the ENT forum. As you can see, posting a pretty wacky rumor without naming sources or providing links to substantiate the rumor, and periodically kicking up dust to repeat the rumor, without naming sources or providing links, doesn't really get you brownie points here. Just sayin.

My take: 1) SAG rules don't permit anyone to stand in the way of an actor being paid his/her contracted residuals. 2) Scott Bakula was an award-winning actor, highly respected in the industry, when he was cast for Enterprise. I'm not thinking he needed under-the-table deals made to get hired, but that's just my opinion.

We love to see sources here, not just hear tell about 'em. Keep that in mind next time you run across a tidbit that, at the very least, strains credibility. Mmkay?

You're welcome to share your opinions and speculations, but beating a dead horse to death doesn't really encourage substantive discussion.

As far as I can see, y'all had mostly wandered off to talk about Ferengi anyway. patweb says he can't name the source, and all here have blown a sufficient amount of holes in the rumor that it looks pretty dead. So we're done here.
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