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Re: Why Enterprise did not carry the Star Trek name

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Nothing's "thriving" because nobody except for you has made this claim, or even heard about it until you posted it. So unless you're Scott Bakula, you need to stop posting stuff like that. Either you're going to say who told you this, or you aren't. If you have no intention of doing so, then there's no point in bringing it up in the first place.
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! I think I mentioned MY FRIEND told me. If you don't think it merits discussion, then DON'T HAVE DISCOURSE over it. That's your problem, not mine.

The whole discussion board lives on opinion and theory. You now have mine to do with as you will. Most of the articles I have read on the subject note 'reliable anonymous sources'. Most critical news today is based on them. The fact you can't accept it is not my problem. Really.

Are you saying in this free country I am unwelcome to share statements that are unconfirmed, or just on YOUR discussion board?
Perhaps you misunderstood me. I said that you shouldn't post unsubstantiated rumors without a source, not that you shouldn't post your opinions at all. And if you want to ignore me, you're welcome to, as you correctly surmised that this is not my personal BBS (although the unsubstantiated rumors thing is possibly a board rule; I'll have to look that up). But don't expect anyone to believe your info, especially since your source is your "friend." I have tons of friends who are full of shit. Your buddy sounds no different. And we're all still patiently waiting for you to post the "articles you have read on the subject," since if they're articles, then you shouldn't feel the need to hide them from us in order to verify your claim. So, where are they? (and the one you posted doesn't count, as it has no info whatsoever to back up your claim.)

As Christopher said, it isn't about what I believe or what you believe. It's about the facts. You posted something that you aren't verifying, simple as that. It's not our fault that we don't believe you.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
– Benjamin Franklin

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