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Re: Why Enterprise did not carry the Star Trek name

Here is some circumstantial stuff on the contract negotiation.
There's nothing in that article at all that confirms what you're talking about.

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I've tried, and failed, to individually verify it. Suffice it to say that my friend is an acquaintance to a party involved. That's all I got on this one.
So because you've failed to verify it, you won't allow us to try to verify it because you won't tell us your source? This sounds more and more like BS. And if you truly can't verify it, then wouldn't you think it was BS too?

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Yet the news thrives on unconfirmed sources. Just sayin.
Nothing's "thriving" because nobody except for you has made this claim, or even heard about it until you posted it. So unless you're Scott Bakula, you need to stop posting stuff like that. Either you're going to say who these "unconfirmed sources" are who told you this, or you aren't. If you have no intention of doing so, then there's no point in bringing it up in the first place.
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