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Re: Why Enterprise did not carry the Star Trek name

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Just saying, I threw it out there as hearsay (*from a reliable source).
That's an oxymoron. One does not get "hearsay" from a reliable source. One gets reliable information from a reliable source.

Obviously, I could have written anything, I didn't make this up. As a new member, I thought it would be an intriguing point of discussion. Of course, a third party confirming it would be the main reason I posted it at all Because I cannot see any of this information becoming public.
See, here's the issue with the info you provided. Aside from being relatively brand-new to the forum, you posted something that sounds quite unrealistic, that you are unwilling to give your source for, which also sounds unrealistic. This isn't a state secret, it's information about a show that is no longer being produced, from a network that no longer exists. Nobody knows who you are, and if you really did know who the info came from, it would be relatively easy to verify it. But not revealing your source is basically the same as saying you made it up (or at best, that you're the type of person who will gullibly believe anything anyone tells you), and that's the attitude we're going to have about it.
“Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.”
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