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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

FalTorPan said:
No problemo, Professor Moriarty. By the way, your work is nothing less than jaw-droppingly cool. I love it, especially...

* the "shiny concrete floor" texture
* the trim around the pocket doors
* the lighting!

Professor Moriarty said:
Also, after further consideration I think Mariner Class was right about the wall color and "Lite Brite" colors on the winky-blinky panel... I think these are bit closer to the Trek universe.
If you don't mind further criticism, only two things keep the image from feeling "authentically TOSsy:"

1. The typefaces of the "FUELING STATION" and warning label surrounding the shuttlecraft elevator look too much like the standard Windows fonts that they probably are. I recommend searching for (or creating, if you're so inclined) type faces that are more consistent with pre-established ones from TOS and/or the 1960s.

2. The winky-blinky panel still doesn't seem right. The structure of the console looks great, but I would consider reworking the three tiers like so:

* Upper -- something inspired by the engine room panels only seen in "That Which Survives"

* Middle -- Either (a) tan "circuit board" with sparse flashing lights, like one of the wall panels in the engine room, or (b) a large, more square version of an upper-panel display screen from the bridge

* Lower -- The control panel is much more dense with blinkies than any panel in TOS. Try something inspired by the engine room control consoles, control panel, or the bridge helm console

It might also be fun to add a couple of those white engine room "pipe wrenches" from "Space Seed."

Just some suggestions. Your work is outstanding.
Oh believe me, I will be tweaking this thing right up until the point where I actually need it for filming, so keep the comments coming. And yes, those fonts are just placeholders right now--I'm still looking for more TOS-era-looking fonts. One of my biggest complaints regarding the current Enterprise model they're using on "Remastered" is the font used on the saucer registry--it's completely wrong. Typefaces are surpisingly one of the biggest things to make or break a CGI model. Don't believe me? The next time you see a model of a contemporary automobile, look at the license plate.
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