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I really like what you are doing here, Finding plans and information to get started on my project is been hard. Michigan really needs a complete TOS set for film makers to use on their projects. Love it
Thank you. I wish I could hand it to you now. However this project is still in what I would consider it's infancy and the overhaul on the bridge plans is going to take a while and will be released later in the project. Until then the best I can urge you to do is get large printouts of the Mike McMaster bridge plans to minimize measuring errors while working from them. I had large 2 foot by 3 foot print outs made that I worked from. Try to get it printed on gloss stock to minimize bleed on the printout that may blur the finer measurements. After that you will need to shift into low gear mentally and get large strips of card stock and a ton of sharpened pencils and slowly and carefully building rulers for each sheet of the plans which is tedious and time consuming. Be prepared to get impatient while doing it. Don't rush and make sure you don't rush and keep your pencil leads sharp at all times. Constantly stop and review what you have done to ensure it is uniform and consistent or it will throw creep into all the little measurements which if you are not careful will come back to bite you later on in the form of fit problems with the parts you make. It's critical you get the rulers you make consistent or uniform or it will throw your measurements. Make sure to tape each ruler to it's respective sheet so you don't get them mixed up. It wouldn't hurt to write down on your printout sheets each measurement as you do it. I didn't which caused me problems constantly having to go back and remeasure to confirm I wasn't messing things up. I could feed you those measurements now off my model. But if I am planning on revising it I'm not to keen on handing out measurements that I think will ultimately need to be discarded. As far as the rest of the sets the only one that I have in any state of finalization is the transporter set which is getting a redo on the ceiling of the chamber since I overhauled it's load bearing design since I modeled it. Some of the plans already have been drawn up with a couple pages needing some minor revisions to the drawings for changes I made halfway through. But they are not at a complete state just yet for what I feel comfortable releasing at this time. I'm still in the early phase of rebuilding my visual reference library to work from.
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