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Re: Should "Star Trek IV" have introduced a different NCC-1701-A?

Ronald Held wrote: View Post
I thought that seeing the E-A was a highlight of that movie.
Pretty much. Back when I saw it in '86, there was actually some applause in the theatre.
Perhaps giving Kirk a Connie was a backhanded insult?
I kind of doubt it. The original Enterprise may have been old and scheduled for decommissioning, but for all intents and purposes, the Constitution-class was still a first-rate design even with the introduction of the Excelsior-class. The Enterprise-A may have got off to a rough start, but her teething problems seemed to be fixed en route to Nimbus III with the exception of the transporter (which could have been fixed with more time, IMO).

But there might be a case that Starfleet didn't want Kirk and his gang anywhere near the Excelsior.

"We gave you another ship like your old one, but you're not getting your hands on our Great Experiment."
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