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Re: Episode of the Week : The Menagerie Parts 1 and 2

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Voted a solid 8, not a great episode but the inclusion of the pilot episode makes this one a classic. One thing about this is that in some respects I like the edit of "The Cage" parts better in "The Menagerie" than I do in the full "The Cage." The fight with the Kalar edit is much better in "The Menagerie." In "The Cage" it always drives me crazy when Pike knocks the Kalar down the stairs and then Vina and Pike sit there and have a conversation instead of running. Not so in "The Menagerie" version.
I noticed that, too. I guess Pike thought the fall was good enough? Maybe that would be the 23rd century notion of not beating a monster when he's down?

I vote 8. Solid, adds a great deal to the back story and adds more to the universe of Star Trek.

I really like how devious Spock can be, he is a dangerous man. I also really like the intro to part 2, it's very dramatic and Throne and Nimoy are perfect in it.

I just don't like how the picture stopped with no explanation and then back from commercial were back like that out didn't happen. That's my main complaint.

I wonder how the keeper transmitted and illusion of Commodore Mendez from Talos all the way to Starbase 11, but I guess we don't need answers to all the questions.
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