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Re: So what would you want to see in a TNG-R?

Trekker4747 said:
- in terms of a specific episode, 'Aquiel' comes to mind. The 'shape-shifter' looks really dated - I'd love to see an upgrade on that.
Can't look worse than the shape-shifter in "The Dauphin."

As for the space-battles I disagree there. TNG was never about space battles, that was more DS9's MO. The Enteprise is an emmense ship and shouldn't be potrayed as a fast-movinb barrel-rolling fighter a lumbering capital ship is precisely what it should be.
The colony creature in Aquiel looks fine....!

But the Dauphin shapeshifter..ugh...horrible.

I also think the BEST use of CGI in all of ST might be to re-do the Evil creature from Skin of Evil....that would be so much better!

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