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Re: Star Trek Vanguard series

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My reading, at most of the way through book 2, is that each planet has a "computer defense program" but the Shedai itself is a sentient non-humanoid lifeform that's moving between the planets.

So, none of the above.
Unless I missed it, it doesn't seem that the Shedai is corporeal. It seems to jump from planet to planet and then using the artifacts as the Federation or Klingon scientists partially activate them.

It also appears that the Tholians know what is going on, and is trying to stop the Federation and Klingons disturbing the area. It would seem the smart course of action might be for the Tholians to approach the Federation and ask them to stop or fill them in as to what they are trying to do might be a bad thing. Unless Vanguard is really a Section 31 op and not an officially sanctioned Starfleet operation.

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