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ST: TNG: A Final Unity

I have tried this method and it works...sorta. The install file would freeze up in Win98. Had to boot the computer with Win98 disc to enable CD-ROM support in DOS. Then I installed the game through DOS. Went back to Windows and did all the right click stuff for the STTNG.exe file. The game loaded, however would not play video scenes or sounds.

I do have a different question regarding this game. I have it working nearly perfectly in separate DOS system...but there is no sound. I know my sound drivers are working b/c I verified sound with a diagnostic program in DOS. Final Unity sound card setup menu will not auto-detect my sound card. Sound daig program tells me that my Soundblaster 16 PnP ISA card has the following characteristics:

Base I/O Address 220
MIDI Port Address 330
Low DMA Setting 1
High DMA Setting 5

I have tried this setup scheme in the game's sound card setup menu (tried both DMA at 1 and 5 since there is only one DMA setting) to no avail. Any ideas?
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