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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

Peter (startrekphase2 de) let me say publicly that I love and appreciate the reliability and high quality of everything at your website. At Star Trek Reviewed I use it as the primary website for Phase II downloads and subtitles. I treat other download sites as mirrors, precisely because of the quality you provide. I particularly appreciate the clear layout of available subtitles.

There is a difference between criticism and attack. Although there are many negative comments on this thread about Phase II which I disagree with, I only responded to the one which I considered an unreasonable attack. I did not get crazy when somebody called James Cawley's Kirk "one note" or something like that. I don't agree, but the writer was within bounds. He is entitled to his opinion, just as I am entitled to find Shatner's acting a joke, and to prefer Cawley (AND Pine. And Vic). We don't all respond to the same thing. And I probably just offended James Cawley, more than the guy who criticized Cawley himself, because I think he's a big Shatner fan.

There are many hundreds of Star Trek fan films. I haven't counted how many I have at Star Trek Reviewed and the adjunct websites in many years, but in fact I'm told by some of my readers that I link to THOUSANDS of them. Most Star Trek Fan Films are just Trek fans having fun, and frankly, I enjoy those, too. But I am grateful to ALL of the high end producers of fan Trek, because I watched Star Trek TOS first run, and I've seen every minute of professional Trek (Even STID on Blu-Ray at a friend's home) and I am not a re-run person. Some of them are fanatical about time, some about special effects, some about some other aspect of Trek. But I consider them gifts, and I am grateful for them.

If you don't like them, watch something else, read a book, take a walk, play a game. If you want to sample other Star Trek Fan Films you haven't tried, don't waste time hunting. Let me do that for you. Drop by Star Trek Reviewed and try a few... or a few dozen.
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