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Re: Star Trek Vanguard series

trampledamage wrote: View Post
Okay, everyone in the thread take a step back and go for a walk.

Have a snack before you come back too
Cheers, my sugars were actually a bit elevated last night, but I'll put that down to stress as I have two assignments in on Thursday and a presentation tomorrow!

Anyway, if you may allow it, I'll just answer JD on this.

JD wrote: View Post
I have a quick question on the whole news source conversation. A couple months I started going to the Reuters site since they seem to be one of the places a lot of other sites get their news from. Anybody here have any idea how informative/trustworthy they are considered?
When I was studying Journalism, we would have the news feed from Reuters up keeping track of what was going on around the World. From what I remember and it's been six years since I've thought of this, they operate through news gathering themselves and checking other sources which most reputable news agencies should do, have at least two, maybe more sources and then release the information so they should be informative/trustworthy, but I'm sure one or two stories slip through that smell a bit off.

As Christopher said and I actually missed his post in here, the best place pay to attention to the news is in print, whether it's in an "old fashioned" newspaper or on your computer or an app, they can go into more depth and not just focus on one thing. Twenty-Four hour news, if you have it on long enough, regardless if it's a slow or big news day, can get very boring and repetitive.

I tend to get most of my news from the BBC site and the Guardians site here, my other half likes the HuffPost, which has it merits I guess, as it's mainly user led content, I am a bit distrustful of that, but that's because I've grown up with the previous model.

Hope that helps.
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