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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

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You mean pandering to their audience?
Um... yeah. That's kind of what you do in the entertainment world. Or is it coincidence that I get one e-mail a week with "Walking Dead" interviews and updates? What you call pandering, most people would call "Marketing 101."

I really have a problem with the "don't critique -- just be grateful" attitude. The folks at Phase II are the ones that set the "professional production" expectations. Should people be surprised, then, when the production is critiqued based on that standard?

Look, when you say you're going to release something on a certain date and then for weeks afterward the website still reads "coming soon [on date that has long since passed]," people will wonder what's going on. It's only natural.

Is it any skin off my back? No; I'll certainly live. My life will be the same whether Phase II releases ten episodes a year or none. But it's not in their best interest to be silent at such moments if they're trying to build and preserve a following.

There's such defensiveness about anything resembling criticism of Phase II. I'm impressed by how far they've come, always look forward to their episodes, and wish them nothing but the best. But they're not sacred cows.
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