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Re: Deep Space Nine Caption Contest 93: Garak. Plain, Simple, Garak.

GARAK: And don't worry Doctor, I'm not bisexual anymore. The writers put a stop to that.

GARAK: The Klingons can see our blasters. I don't know why they keep charging us with bat'leths. Haven't they seen Raiders Of The Lost Ark?
DUKAT: Intelligence is without honor.

BASHIR: Actually it's okay if this character dies.
GARAK: But if she dies, Dax will... This is what the character usually looks like, isn't it?

GARAK: She's the only other Cardassian on the station. But she's a teenager. Must think of way to do this without it being creepy...must think...GGHH!
ZIYAL: Garak, are you having a stroke?

KIRA: We need to be stealthy, strike hard and fast then disappear into the shadows.
RUSOT: NO! We must fight like Cardassians, charge them head on!
DAMAR: *sigh* Why is everybody I like so stupid and everybody I hate so smart?
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