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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

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Sir to let you know i have spent 23 years taking facts and coming up with as many ideas as i can with them,it my job its what i do,i didnt mean to hurt anyone and i did state how great i think Phase 2 and crew are.Now with that aside there is 1 fact for sure that came from this,that the people at are making money form the hard work of the phase 2 team.Maybe someone should pass this info along.
Let me introduce myself, I am Peter Walker and I run with the assistance of Stephan Mittelstrass. That website is the official download mirror for the UK and Germany and is also the central download location for all New Voyages/Phase II episodes with subtitles in multiple languages. The website itself is available in English, German, French and Spanish.

I have been made aware of this thread so I joined this forum to give a response. NOBODY makes a profit on Star Trek Phase II, including us. The rules of what we can and cannot do in regard to covering our costs are clearly laid out. The website we run does involve costs for the high speed root server and the many Terrabytes of downloads incurred each month by people downloading our episodes.
  • All episodes are provided completely free and at high speed from our website.
  • There is no requirement to pay us a penny or click on any adverts to see or download our episodes.
  • We do not ask or encourage people to click on any adverts.

There are a limited number of adverts on our website to help offset our costs. This generates a small amount of revenue which is used entirely to help cover the running of the website and other related costs. Nobody profits from this, it just reduces our losses somewhat. Simply visiting our website and watching an episode does not give us a penny. Only clicks on the adverts result in a few cents being sent our way.

Adverts on the website are one of the very few legitimate ways we can use to help offset our costs. We do not and never will charge to watch or download any of our episodes.

The money from the adverts allows us, for example, to provide high speed download links. The alternative would be to place the episodes for download on one of those download sites that give you very slow free downloads (typically 4 hours per episode) and constantly nag you to pay for high-speed downloads. If you would prefer that, we could consider moving all our episodes to such websites and remove the adverts from our website. Is that what you would prefer?

However, then it would be those websites that would be profiting from all our work as many people would then pay instead of waiting hours to download in the free, yet slow way they offer.

We have put considerable time and effort into building up to be a high quality source of all episodes provided with subtitles in many languages (I personally create the English subtitles). The German mirror website is owned by me personally, not the Phase II people in the USA who have granted us permission to represent them.

We are also responsible for promoting Phase II in the UK and Germany including at events like which is Europe's largest Star Trek convention (starts in a few days).

I trust I have now answered your concerns in this matter.


Star Trek Phase II, UK & Germany Download mirror.
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