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Re: Star Trek Vanguard series

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You surprise me sometimes, Dimesdan. In a good way.

For what it's worth, I find the ignorance of many Westerners regarding Islam to be very annoying, on multiple levels. Particularly when it comes to gender and gender roles/gendered assumptions, but I'm not going to bother going into any of that.
Well given what happened last time you decided to comment on such matters and the fact you decided to return, although just stay in the safety of Trek Lit, I think that's for the best don't you.
Don't worry, Your Belligerence, I have no desire to put up with the ignorance, conservatism, hypocrisy and wilful blindness of the Trek BBS Miscellaneous community. Especially since they're unable to even comprehend something that challenges their ideological worldview and cultural preconceptions, no matter how many people try to reach them. They had their part to play in my life and I am, in various ways, both the richer for having been among them and for leaving them behind. So, yes, I prefer to stay here and discuss Trek novels in a light-hearted fashion - for the moment.
Just as the left can not tolerate anything they don't agree with. So where does that leave everyone??? Not talking to one another and what good does that do. So what happened with tolerating different points of view? That is going to be some fall from that pedestal you placed yourself

Doesn't sound very "star trek" to me. Although it does sound very TNG to me pontificating to the lowly aliens. you encounter.

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