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Re: The BBC should be given the chance to make a new star trek

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. Not sure that translates into interest by the BBC or any other non-American TV network.
Star Trek did well for BBC2 in the 90s - you had three series airing a week always in the top 5. But since digital/satellite channels took off a few years later imports ceased, there was no need for the BBC to buy them, and the new channels outbid them anyway. That happened with Enterprise - the only Star Trek series never shown by the BBC.

I think the last US import on BBC TV was Heroes. They don't touch Sci-Fi these days. Even Red Dwarf had to go off to (commercial channel) Dave.

BBC1 does still try the odd Who like (13 part) commission - the last I think being Atlantis, but even that is co-financed with BBC America. But series of that length really are the exception
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