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Re: Star Trek Movie FAQ

4. Saavik was pregnant with Spock's child?

That's what's in the commentary for TVH says and is what's implied in cut scenes from the script. Like the half-Romulan story, if you go by the script, then yes, if you go by canon, then no.
According to the novelization of TWoK, Saavik had an impulsive fling with David and was pregnant with his baby in TSFS. Her mindmeld with young Spock on Genesis was to stablize his ordeal through pon farr. I don't accept the implimentation of Saavik becoming pregnant with nothing more than a few touches of the fingers. (The only time I had seen this happening was Miss Q and Q doing a quickie in The Q and the Grey but that is a different matter altogether. ) This may explain why she was hesitant when she wanted to tell Kirk about David in TVH and the dismissal glance Spock gave Saavik at the end of TSFS. IMO I like this explanation better than the nearly surreal scenario given in the script or the TVH commentary.

Just my two credits worth. However the debate continues.
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