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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

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It's tempting to blame it on funding, but even someone not in any way involved with any production, like myself, can see that Phase II has major flaws (i.e., I'm not expert in the business, and even I can see, just from plain old common sense, that they do it wrong). For example, at any given time, they are working on three or four different episodes.
Well actually, here Phase 2 is following the correct tactic. And for your information, Star Trek Continues is ALSO following that M.O., because you can't actually be telling me that STC started production for their 3rd episode the day after Lolani premiered (feb. 9th), got an approved script as well as exhaustive pre-production done before first day of shooting in mid-march? That would be ridiculous! Rather they worked on this episode at the same time as their second show, perhaps even during their first...

Back to Phase 2, yes they have a few episodes clogged up in their pipeline, AND? I praise them for even GETTING that far. It's relatively easy enough to assemble a camera cast and crew for a 1 to 2 week shoot, as you have many people there to support you and pull together when the weather, bad tempers, lack of equipment throws a monkey wrench into the works.

But post-production, like it or not, is often done at each step by very few people, and when they do this for no money or little money, delays are sometimes inevitable.

In the past I worked on a 26 episode show where everything went mostly according to schedule...until 2 specific episodes in the middle of the pipeline that were handled by subcontractors. And try as we might to get the footage corrected and up to standards, the service studio just wouldn't do all the work they were supposed to do. Weeks went by and because of their unwillingness I was sent to China for 2 months to actually get the work done. By the time I was back in North America and the 2 episodes finally went through the post-production process until they were broadcast-ready, a whole 6 months past the original schedule.

And THAT's with people working full-time on a show and an actual budget to take care of all expected and unexpected problems...

spocksbrain wrote:
They constantly post about filming or wrapping filming or otherwise working on some future episode, while the one that's supposed to come next still hasn't come out yet.
They only film once a year, in early summer. They're located in upstate New York so of course they need to schedule their shoots during the warm season because, unlike STC and their bottle shows, they actually shoot outdoors. And also their crew is all-volunteer, so a summer shoot fits in with their vacation-time.

spocksbrain wrote:
Instead of working on multiple episodes, when they average less than one episode per year, work on only one episode at a time and get that one done, then start work on the next one. How f-ing obvious is that? But it's not to them, and that's why Phase II has far bigger problems than just money.
Post-production is a long process. And look, STC decided to go FX-lite for their first three episodes. I think Pilgrim and Lolani probably have an average 10 to 20 FX shots in their episodes, relatively simple ones, while PHASE 2 episodes, whether you like them or not, are far more ambitious FX-wise with dozens of complicated shots. Those take time (ask the boys at Starship Exeter about that).

spocksbrain wrote:
Another obvious issue is their focus on getting "real" Star Trek actors and actresses (despite the fact that they are a thousand years old at this point) and "real" writers and so forth, and the actual story comes second. The Child, Blood and Fire, and that one where James had to make out with an 80 year old woman, I can't remember the name of it, are all good examples of big names but the writing and story just didn't come out, especially when The Child was already done on TNG and Blood and Fire was just plain boring.
Sure, Phase 2 does stunt-casting. And STC ALSO does stunt-casting, unless you're blind to that: Marina Sirtis, Apollo from BSG, Lou Ferrigno, Young Boba Fett...You'll probably argue that STC does it better, well getting ''known'' actors costs money in case you didn't know, and STC's cast and guests and PHASE 2's Kirk probably have to be paid scale wages if they're SAG members...

RCAM wrote:
Additionally, their communication with the audience can sometimes be lacking. It's not that they "owe" interested parties updates, since they aren't primarily donation-funded; it's just bad marketing if they want to build the largest, most enthusiastic following possible.
You mean pandering to their audience? I think the Phase 2 crew does just fine as is. I appreciate greatly to see James Cawley responding in this thread, but he needn't have. Occasional updates are just fine and they don't need to have daily polls and quizzes like the STC Facebook, on its way to rival Disney's FB as far as pandering goes...

Look, I may be coming across as an STC hater but that's really not the case. I think BOTH productions are very worthy, with different things that I like for each studio. I just find it hilarious to see members here comparing the two on the same basis, when apart from each featuring their version of Kirk and the Enterprise, it's still very much like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges...

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