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Re: Deep Space Nine Caption Contest 93: Garak. Plain, Simple, Garak.

Smellincoffee wrote: View Post
With foes, friends, and those in-between Bajorans out of the way, we're finally getting to the regular cast. Mr. Garak is in a class by himself, but first -- winners!

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

MARTOK: I'm impressed Avery. You finally found a role that fits your acting style.
MARTOK: We should swap characters.

DUKAT: No, this is how we must leave the lighting during the attack. When Sisko beams over, he'll think we're Prophets.
Triskelion wrote: View Post

Gul Dukat: Do you know why Quark only hires Bajoran dabo girls?
Odo: No, why?
Gul Dukat: He heard they have a Prophet motive.
Odo: That's it, you're under arrest.

Nebusj wrote: View Post

Jaro: ``Look, I know I'm a despicable, dishonest, deceptive, fundamentally unprincipled, malicious, manipulative … I'm standing right behind you, aren't I?''

Leadhead wrote: View Post

Dukat: Odo, I need for you to find the murderer.
Odo stares at Dukat
Dukat: Not funny, Odo.
And now, continuing on the countdown to 100....Garak, plain and simple.

Bashir: Garak, I know what you said about the only reasonable course of action being to quit, but do think I could impregnate Honeybear first?

Garak: Why, Doctor! I didn't think you had it in you.

Ziyal: I'm sorry, I never should've looked up the Peter Sellars lift scene in the Federation database.

Garak: It's alright, Ziyal, we'll just blame it on Sisko's cooking.

Kira: And if could just remember what my next line was. . . .

Garak: Cut! Visitor to Ore Processing!

Damar: Thank God we don't have One Take Frakes directing this scene!

Kira: Shut it, Casey. The only dialogue you have in the last two episodes is "Free Cardassia".

Damar: I know, but I'll deliver them with such aplomb, my death scene will have Dorn crying in to his prune juice. I'm an actooooor, don't you know.
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