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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

Professor Moriarty said:
And since you can't see the hangar bay clamshell doors behind the shuttlecraft, the only logical explanation would seem to be that this set of double doors is indeed on the starboard side of the hangar deck (assuming that the shuttle is pointing towards the clamshell doors).
I'm not sure I would presume the side of the ship so easily, since the shuttles have a tendency to spin on their little turntables before launching. I think this episode (the original version anyway) showed this action. If that is correct, it's more likely Spock and McCoy do their conversing and parting on the Port side.

Professor Moriarty said:
SonicRanger said:
Can't that shot show the shuttle after the hangar deck elevator has lowered it to a storage or maintenance facility?
But see, that's the argument I'm trying to make... there just isn't enough vertical room for a storage space that tall.

Look at this photo from "The Immunity Syndrome". The Galileo prop was over seven feet tall, and we can just barely see something at the top of the frame that might be the roof, but that's twice the height of the shuttle overhead. Sure, I suppose you could have a 14-foot roof in the under-hangar maintenance bay, but why would you? Volumetric space is at a premium--there's no need to have a under-deck maintenance/storage bay that's much taller than the shuttle itself.
I agree there isn't room, especially being that close to the aft of the ship and the clamshell doors. Also, that object just visible through the door frame doesn't span the entire width of the opening. It seems to cut off just shy of the door's right boundary. Another factor is that they do indeed make use of the ships pressure/airlock systems. If they were in an under-maintenance bay, which I would expect needs to be fully pressurized under routine conditions, why would they need to utilize that system? I'm not saying there is no maintenance or storage facility on the original Enterprise. I can't imagine the ship without one somewhere. But, I agree it is most likely not a huge bay directly under the main landing area, and the Spock/McCoy scene certainly doesn't take place there.

At any rate, given the off-scale proportions of the original models and sets, all of this has to be fudged in order to work. The revamped episodes featuring these subjects appear to be fixing the scale of the shuttles in relation to the bay area at least.
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