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Re: Fate of Orcs in LOTR

Thanks Ancient Mariner! I was not only unaware of, but of any LOTR sites, honestly. I've never read the books - not one. In fact, I didn't even start watching the movies until late in '05, or so.

I only got into it that much in a very roundabout way, because of my being an artist, actually. I am interested in Art Nouveau and through conversations about that and, in particular, its resurgence in the Sixties, LOTR was somehow thrown into the mix as having a huge influence over the Hippie Movement. That really compelled me to look into the LOTR, but only superficially. That Tolkien's work could've - especially indirectly - been almost singlehandedly responsible for an entire generation's statement as to what they were about and how that, in turn, found itself reflected in the art of the period was something I wasn't about to just gloss over.

As far as the movies proper go, I found them to be absolutely stunning, visually. "Enchanting" comes to mind, as how I would describe it. And I did fall in love with Éowyn - I could not help myself! She was very charming and I was disappointed that she didn't get with Aragorn, as the movie seemed to suggest she was going to. But my interest in LOTR didn't go that far. Until recently, because of a documentary called "RINGERS," I believe, I wasn't particularly interested in the modern-day fan perspective. But this project brushed on so many aspects that intrigued me, that I have to admit, I find myself being charmed by the love the fans have for LOTR. How TREKKIE-like they are, in their own way. So, anyway ... there it is.
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