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Re: The BBC should be given the chance to make a new star trek

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I was under the distinct impression that NuTREK was being promoted in and catered to the UK and European countries mostly, anyway. If that's true, then CBS partnering with the BBC makes even more sense to me. In general, American television sucks just as bad as it does in any other country, with 6000 channels and nothing on. But a unique partnership such as this, would bring out the best of each entity ... there's no doubt of that. CBS Executives ... "suits" as I believe you like to be called ... if you are reading this, please contact the BBC and close the deal on joint production of new STAR TREK product as soon as possible. We, the fans, are growing impatient ...
Promoted yes, but catered? Don't think so. Traditionally Star Trek has performed poorly overseas. so they have tried to push it a little more and it seems to be working. STID has the highest foreign box office for any Trek film. Not sure that translates into interest by the BBC or any other non-American TV network.
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