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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

By upgrading the ship, Phase2 removes one of TOS' greatest stars, that era of USS Enterprise. While there is obviously a time period between the end of TOS and the start of TMP, I think they overestimate anyones interest in it. Also, while I really look forward to Bread and Savagery I foresee some real troubles doing Mind Sifter.

Lets face it, that's a very heavy story and it only worked in book form where you can tone down the imagery yourself, in filmed form I think it would be like the Khan ear worm sequence going on for 45 minutes.

Whatever the issues with their earlier episodes I don't think Cawley as Kirk was ever the problem and (other than this one ) I wish he'd learn to ignore youtube and forum comments and keep doing the part.

As for what is the Phase 2 pinnacle, I say it was the first version of the Chekov episode with the wonderful original music and before they chickened out on the ending.
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