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Re: Wiped Episode Discoveries

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I thought he knew about them for a while? At least thats what he said...
This was exchange over three days in June;

17 June: The rumour now reaches the height of 90 episodes recovered – the name ‘Omnirumour’ starts to float around. Ian Levine made a few tweets: “You all need to get real. I was told that if its true it's Ninety. And 90 missing Dr Who episodes ARE REALLY NOT TURNING UP” and ”Absolute Last Word. I spent 35 years looking for episodes since I saved The Daleks from being destroyed. I am convinced none have been found” and “Look,I DO believe no episodes have been found,based on what certain people told me at the BFI. But I suppose they could have lied to my face”

18 June: Ian again on Twitter wrote: “To answer loads of comments online, the rumour I heard from an impeccable source was eight thousand BBC film cans containing ninety missing Who episodes which would complete 21 missing stories. Plus duplicates or most of what exists. Leaving 16 missing but however amazing that may sound, however much we all wish for it to be true, I now don't believe a word of it. But it's 90 if true.” Ian also spoke of another rumour at the same time: “But I do know if that guy Pianist believes only 3 stories have been found, which I knew 6 mths ago, if true it's only the tip of the iceberg” and “He is claiming only 3 full stories have been found. But if the rumour is true,21 missing stores have been found. He's wrong.” Ian later indicates which episodes are NOT in the collection: “Okay everbody - as I don't believe it,or was lied to, the 16 eps still missing were Masterplan-9 Mission-1 Ice Warriors-2 Wheel-2 Invasion-2”

19 June: BBC America joins the fun with their own article. At the same time, Ian Levine suddenly changes his view on the rumour with a handful of rapid fire tweets: “I have just seen "three tons" of evidence that tells me it's all true. Saying no more. Apart from I now believe it again.” and “I've just been given proof that backs up the entire story,from 2011. So yes I now really believe he has found 90 missing episodes” and “I am so f*cking speechless, I have no idea how I am going to sleep tonight. I was utterly wrong, but I was lied to, yes barefaced lied to.” and “Just three serials is a bad joke.There are literally three tons of film cans and that's just from 2011. I have the actual proof” and “Right now I'm holding on to the proof + not leaking it publicly. But I assure you I have proof of 3 tons of film cans arriving.” Bleeding Cool ran an article on this, and also mentioned on 17 September 2011 a large shipment of films arrived in Liverpool from Zambia via Nigeria. The shipment was addressed to a man called Phillip Morris.
The most he knew would've been at the start of 2013 but I doubt he would've had proof.
Well, on the Planet Mondas forum, he says otherwise:

Ian Levine wrote:
Oh gimme a break.

I have known for four years.

I saw shipping manifests in February 2011.

The Radio Wiltshire e-mail was two years ago. I had already known and discussed it with my friends a good two years before that e-mail surfaced.

Indeed, it is perfectly possible that DWO's rumour came from the same source - this has been going on for an awfully long time, and cloak and dagger guarded secrets have been kept for far longer than they should have been.

He also says that he's pretty certain that Morris has had 90+ episodes in his possession, and that since the last two years he's possibly found them all.
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