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Re: SpaceX's Grasshopper

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Forgive me, but I am having a nerd-gasm over how elegantly SpaceX is failing in right about everything, I am almost willing to forgive them for their success. If only everyone else was failing in this manner, it would restore my faith in humanity.

Cheese in space, launch aborts, rocket engines exploding on tape. Launch manifest seriously delayed beyond any planning by preposterous, downright insane R&D and unexpected rocket upgrades nobody asked for. Their rockets are so unreliable their paranoid launch escape system will send astronauts for refuge on Mars. NASA and ESA tells them it's impossible to reuse rockets, they boneheadedly say common wisdom is not good enough for them and start landing stages and clock dozens of launches worth of engine firing in Texas.

And then what? They decide to fuck up all the legal issues too, and demonstrate the incompetence of their legal team by starting an utterly unsound failed challenge against ULA that gets everybody talking about how buying over-expensive engines from an unreliable partner is somehow neither cheap nor secure. Stirring the pot much, eh?

The only way it could get better if they accidentally ship weed on their first manned flight.
Either my sarcasm detector is malfunctioning, or you've just created the perfect meta-post that is somehow equally insulting to both sides, FROM both sides.

Also: Weed on the first manned flight? I'm pretty sure the ISS crew will hold a press release in which the station commander will announce, "Yes, we have learned that the SpaceX demonstration pilot WAS carrying a dime bag with him when he came to the station. We strongly deplore this action and we condemn SpaceX's total lapse in judgement, and we can assure all of you back home that we intend to fully and safely dispose of the offending substance just as soon as Orbital Sciences ships us an extra bag of Doritos."
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