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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

I think some of the criticisms of Phase II are fair (to varying degrees). I think the quality of the writing has been lacking at times. "Blood and Fire," and "Enemy: Starfleet" stand out as the weakest scripts (though I also found parts of "Kitumba" baffling), and were quite frankly difficult to sit through. Additionally, Phase II has placed -- in my personal opinion -- far too much emphasis on trying to involve Trek alumni. And the obsession with "continuity" goes without saying.

I also think it's legitimate to criticize Phase II's tendency to be working three episodes ahead of what they've actually released. Delaying a show that was meant to be out in February to film new content seems like a strange way to do business to me (I'm not in "The Business," so that's just a layman's observation).

Additionally, their communication with the audience can sometimes be lacking. It's not that they "owe" interested parties updates, since they aren't primarily donation-funded; it's just bad marketing if they want to build the largest, most enthusiastic following possible.

I do commend them for transitioning toward having professional actors. While James Cawley had a great vision and should be commended for all he did to help catalyze the fan film movement, his one-note, scowling performances could really take you out of an episode. I'll be very interested to see how Brian Gross embodies the character in "The Holiest Thing."

All of that said, there's a lot to like here too. These guys clearly care about what they're doing; the passion is always evident. They helped light the way for future Trek fan films with professional-quality production values, including the excellent STC series.

And while "Lolani" edges it out just slightly for me, "World Enough and Time" stands as one of the great fan film entries of all time. A brilliant script with something truly meaningful to say. WEAT doesn't use a Trek alumnus just to use him; there's an excellent story that nullifies any "stunt casting" complaints. It's an amazing artistic achievement of which the folks at Phase II should be very proud.

There's some great people working on it too. Greg is a class act, and one of the reasons this board is so enjoyable to post on.

I, like many others, look forward to "The Holiest Thing" and wish Phase II nothing but success. The more quality Trek, the better.
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