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Cool. This is such a great project! Personally, I've been tinkering over the years with a set of deckplans for the ship, in which my assumption is that all the sets existed concurrently. You're research seems top-notch. I'd love to see plans for the Season one engineering set. Also, Sickbay got a lot of variation over the years, and it'd be fun to see those different versions.

Anyhow, whatever you're willing to do will be be a great boon to the rest of us. I will follow with great interest!

Thank you Alex for the kind comments. I had not even entertained a first season engineering room or Sickbay since my focus is on the stage 9 floor plan in it's last layout variant. But since Matt Bell has asked for a first season Briefing Room then I think it it fair to consider your request as well later on. But my focus was more "Journey To Babel" 2nd season blueprints since that was the last version of the overall Stage 9's layout.

Where I planned on being at this point I am way behind schedule. My initial planned public rollout on the public announcement was April but have had some big delays and drawbacks. I've been assisting a local fan film ready for one of their builds and has set me back half a year on his project since my goal had been to have everything rendered in crude study models before launching the public announcement. As well I recently bought a hard drive and transferred all my data onto it that I have been working on. And it got bumped and fell over and the drive got wrecked and I lost all my data that has taken me years to assemble for this project. Returned the drive and wrote it off as a loss since I didn't have the money for data recovery services. Much of it can be replaced but will take considerable time to replace. The TOS stills from the entire series were lost and had been sorted into a broken down sorting system archive that made it almost instantly any still I need at the drop of a hat. So for now I am taking a break while I regroup and start rebuilding the source material I will need to work on.
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