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Re: So I started watching "Babylon 5" for the first time.

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Can't wait also for the inevitable "don't bother with season 5, stop after s4" posts
Yeah, I'd advise not listening to those people. Judge for yourself.

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I would advise them not to bother with Crusade or the LOTR/Call to Arms/River of Souls/Thirdspace movies.
Again, don't just skip things if you want to have any true perspective on them later on, however these movies listed here don't contribute much to the larger B5 arc overall.

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I think there is one episode that has no later relevance in The Big Story... but it's a very good one.
Which Episode?

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Tribble puncher wrote: View Post
I saw parts of episodes here and there in the 90's when it aired, but was never interested in it....even back then, it looked cheap (sets wise), c.g.i. was pretty cool at the time,plus having not followed the show, I had no Idea what was going on. but now.....

The sets look REALLY cheap, it almost looks like a highschool play. and the effects look like Playstation One cut scenes, however, it is fairly well acted, and the show is starting off a little slow right now, but there is something about it that suggest the show gets stronger as it goes on. hoping I'm right, I need to return the dvd's to my friend in a timely manner, hoping to finish the series in a month.
You've got to remember B5 was one of the first TV shows to make extensive use of CGI, and for it's day they were decent enough to do what they need to do. As with anything they improve over the show.
It was indeed. It used to take days to render some of those early shots. Lots of neat-o concepts were explored via CGI that just wouldn't of been possible otherwise for the day.
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