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Re: UT-TFV: Quality of Mercy

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Aldebaran

Lt. Commander Thayer gritted her teeth. “Are you sure about that?” She asked.

“Yes sir,” Lt. Selvin coolly said, “The biosignature is Dr. Awokou’s.”

“Hail that vessel,” Thayer ordered. On the main screen one saucer ship was escaping, at the equivalent of full impulse.

“No response,” The Vulcan operations officer replied.

“Narcissa, target their propulsion system,” Thayer said, “Or your best guest for it. I don’t want them warping away.”

“Aye sir,” Narcissa said. Moments later one phaser beam shot out from Aldebaran. The nimble saucer avoided the blast. Narcissa sent five more.

They connected, spinning the ship violently around. “Their shields are down,” Narcissa said. “And so are their engines.”

“Beam Dr. Awokou out of there, right now!” Thayer demanded.

Seconds later the startled woman appeared on the bridge. Thayer ran and caught her before she fell to the ground. April let her down easy.

A shocked, confused expression was etched on the first contact specialist’s face. “It’s going to be okay ma’am,” Thayer promised before standing back up.

She tapped her combadge, “Sickbay, emergency transport. Dr. Awokou.” Before Awokou could speak she was whisked away again.

“Now, what to do about that ship,” she muttered.

“I surmise they’ve made the decision for us,” Selvin said. “I’m reading a massive power build up.”

“They’re going to destroy themselves!” Lt. Rojas said excitedly.

“They’re not getting out of this so easily,” Thayer said. “Beam as many of them as you can get a lock on and send them to the brig.”

“Aye, aye,” Narcissa said.

“Helm, move us away from that explosion,” Thayer said.

“Yes Captain,” Rojas said, expertly shifting Aldebaran away from the destructing vessel.

“Transport complete,” the Orion informed her. “Permission to leave the bridge?”

“Of course,” April knew the woman would want to oversee the handling of the new prisoners.

“Reinforce aft shields,” Thayer told Selvin. The Vulcan complied, and not a moment too soon. The shockwave from the exploding ship buffeted Aldebaran, rattling the bridge.

“Damage report,” the first officer ordered.

“Minimal damage to aft sections, shields down ten percent,” Selvin replied.

“Mr. Selvin, you have the conn,” Thayer strode to the turbolift and got in. Once hidden from the bridge crew she a tremor ran through her. She hoped it looked easy to them because she had been on edge the whole time. April knew they wouldn’t always be this easy so she was thankful that things had seemingly worked out so well this time. Or had they?

She looked up beseechingly, a new question occupying her mind, “Now, which to choose: Sickbay or the brig?”
************************************************** **************

USS Aldebaran

Captain Awokou was running even before he finished materializing. Once the transporter beam had given way, he rushed to the biobed. He nearly knocked over Dr. Xylia as he swept Rozi into his arms. Both women were taken by surprise, but at the moment he didn’t care.

Rozi had been sitting up on the bed. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and held her close. The captain buried his lips into her hair and kissed the crown several times before pulling back from her, just slightly.

“Rozi are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

His wife shook her head, “No, they didn’t hurt me.” The captain looked to the medic. She held up her scanner.

“She’s fine, just a bit shaken up,” the Romulan woman said.

“And I’m probably not helping matters,” Banti realized. He forced himself to pull away from his wife.

“What did they want with you?” He asked.

Rozi screwed her face. “I don’t know. I was beamed into what I assume was a cell. I didn’t see them.”

“Why you? Why not both of us?” The captain pondered.

“Those are good questions,” Rozi said. She started to get off the bed, “I think we should go find out. Commander Thayer told me that she had beamed the ship’s crew to the holding cells.”

“I don’t know if that’s advisable,” Banti said, “for you I mean. Don’t you think it might be too much excitement?”

His wife looked at him dourly. He took a step back and gestured toward the exit. “After you dear.”
************************************************** ************
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