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Re: How often do you shower?

it's similar in Germany (half flush toilets, showering rather than bathing, washing machines that use only a few gallons, watering only freshly sown lawns).
We do have plenty of water but it's expensive. Waste of water is frowned upon (as ist waste of energy and raw materials or recyclable material).
I think the difference between the US and Germany is mainly a difference in attitude towards environmental protection. But even within the US there are differences: California, for example is more environmentally conscious (right word?) than most other US states. There, in summer, they forbid watering the lawn or washing your car because of their lack of water (much like you do in Australia). The difference is that they save water because they need to and we save water because the alternative is unthinkable to us.
As for the reason for our lack of private pools: in a country full of clean lakes, ponds and rivers, who'd need an artificial pool?

LOL, Jarod, I really must post more often in the science forum if you doubt I can convert litres to gallons (I'll try to post more there, I promise. Am just horribly busy at work atm.)

Cool link, MacLeod! Thank you =)
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