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Looks really great! Is all of this Season 3? Are you planing to do anything from other years of the show?

Thank you. This is season 2 before they revised the transporter room to it's 3rd season footprint to prevent wilding into the corridor. I took the 3rd season floorplan and took the 1st and 2nd season floorplan and trimmed the difference all the wall panels from the door to the back of the Transporter room so that it will fit in the 3rd season non wilded footprint. Matthew Bell who is contributing as a partner on this project ( mytran ) has requested that I do the first season shorter briefing room, and I have agreed and am deciding whether to release the first season briefing room when I release the 2nd season briefing room. The briefing room I'm planning on being the second set plans to be released. As well the 3rd season pressure chamber in the med lab will be there but I'll be angling the wall away from the corridor so that wilding will not be necessary. I do plan on also including Auxillary Control, the shuttle exterior and interior sets. But for now the main priority is modeling what is on the blueprint floorplans for "Journey To Babel" floorplans. As far as the 1st season "Space Seed" vacuum chamber behind the Examination ward that is also planned but also set aside till later like the other sets I mentioned. Priority in the project has been on the outboard sets on the corridor. This is due to being limited in space since where sickbay inboard sets are right in the middle of where my chair is where I work.
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