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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

Professor Moriarty said:
SonicRanger said:

Can't that shot show the shuttle after the hangar deck elevator has lowered it to a storage or maintenance facility?
But see, that's the argument I'm trying to make... there just isn't enough vertical room for a storage space that tall.

Look at this photo from "The Immunity Syndrome". The Galileo prop was over seven feet tall, and we can just barely see something at the top of the frame that might be the roof, but that's twice the height of the shuttle overhead. Sure, I suppose you could have a 14-foot roof in the under-hangar maintenance bay, but why would you? Volumetric space is at a premium--there's no need to have a under-deck maintenance/storage bay that's much taller than the shuttle itself.
Unless you wanted to store some other LARGER craft like a cargo shuttle.
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