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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

It's tempting to blame it on funding, but even someone not in any way involved with any production, like myself, can see that Phase II has major flaws (i.e., I'm not expert in the business, and even I can see, just from plain old common sense, that they do it wrong). For example, at any given time, they are working on three or four different episodes. They constantly post about filming or wrapping filming or otherwise working on some future episode, while the one that's supposed to come next still hasn't come out yet. Instead of working on multiple episodes, when they average less than one episode per year, work on only one episode at a time and get that one done, then start work on the next one. How f-ing obvious is that? But it's not to them, and that's why Phase II has far bigger problems than just money. Another obvious issue is their focus on getting "real" Star Trek actors and actresses (despite the fact that they are a thousand years old at this point) and "real" writers and so forth, and the actual story comes second. The Child, Blood and Fire, and that one where James had to make out with an 80 year old woman, I can't remember the name of it, are all good examples of big names but the writing and story just didn't come out, especially when The Child was already done on TNG and Blood and Fire was just plain boring.
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