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Re: So I started watching "Babylon 5" for the first time.

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I saw parts of episodes here and there in the 90's when it aired, but was never interested in it....even back then, it looked cheap (sets wise), c.g.i. was pretty cool at the time,plus having not followed the show, I had no Idea what was going on. but now.....

The sets look REALLY cheap, it almost looks like a highschool play. and the effects look like Playstation One cut scenes, however, it is fairly well acted, and the show is starting off a little slow right now, but there is something about it that suggest the show gets stronger as it goes on. hoping I'm right, I need to return the dvd's to my friend in a timely manner, hoping to finish the series in a month.
Glad you've finally decided to watch the show that will change your opinions about storyline and character on Television forever. (Not Kidding)

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I'm on ep. 5 now, I'm starting to enjoy the show...the universe would make a killer MMO I think.
Agreed. A Babylon 5 MMO would be sick if the IP was treated with even a quarter of the talent involved in shaping this particular Science Fiction universe.

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God I love Londo...what a great charicter...would love to see him hang out with Quark
It's been stated before, and without spoiling anything, you will come to understand that Babylon 5 is in fact the story of Londo Mollari.

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Keep going. You'll dig it. The whole thing has an arc that last the length of the series, and is really great to see pan out. Don't skip any episodes - you CAN, but there's something good in all of them. One of my all-time favorite shows.
DO NOT SKIP EPISODES, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Series like this don't come along often.

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I suppose it's not the most expensive looking show ever made. But I think after a while you won't even notice anymore, as that's not what you'll be looking at; it's the great stories and characters you'll care about
^^This. So many people point to the Production Budget and "Look" of B5 as a the reason they have never really wanted to watch it, but put it aside because the story and characters will demand that you do and you won't really care once you adapt to it.

Overall, I'll say this.

Babylon 5 is a series that never had a chance and yet in spite of the realities of big business, the time in which it was produced, and all the other various difficulties, Babylon 5 endured to become one of the most lauded and critically renown science fiction television series of all time.

It will never have the fame of Star Trek, or the media buzz of Battlestar Galactica but very much like Farscape and Firefly it will continue to garner an audience years from now.

One which enjoys it for no other reason than it's just that damn good.
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