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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Grading & Discussion

Box office:
  • Troubling news for Sony arrive this weekend with the news that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" fell 59% in its second weekend. The franchise will accumulate a total of $148 million by Monday, but is showing signs of under-performing. With a production and promotion budget that nudges close to $400 million, Spidey will need to gross at least $750 million worldwide just to break even.

    Compared to its predecessor, ASM2, is almost $35 million behind where ASM was after 7 days, $110 million compared to $145 million. After 7 days Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy sat at $151 million, $192 million, and $182 million, respectively. And that was without the added windfall of 3D and Imax ticketing.

    Sony has bet big on a franchise that is running out of gas. ASM3 is already greenlit and a side-franchise based on a number of Spider-Man villains has already been announced.
    Unfortunately, audiences seem to be getting tired of something they feel they have seen too many times before.

i haven't seen it, I don't know if its any good and acknowledge that box office isn't a indicator of quality. At the same time, I can't help but wonder if some of the disappointment at the box office isn't because these movies are basically remakes/rehashes of films that aren't that old and many people may already have on disc.

I really think SONY should have just recast Peter and MJ and done new films, instead of "reimagining" the origin and the stuff with the Green Goblin."
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