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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Site name/RPG name: Star Trek Pretoria

Star Trek Pretoria is seeking more writers to join us. We started back on the 4th of October, 2000.

All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to submit an application.

Star Trek Pretoria, is RECRUITING the following
-- 6 Short Story Writers (asked to write one Story, atleast four pages long, every 3 to 4 months)
-- Villains (one time appearance and recurring)
-- Field Medic/Junior Medical officer
-- Chief of Operations
-- CONN officer
-- Assistant Chief of Operations/Junior Engineer
-- Science Officers

This RPG's plot does not rely on a new war or ongoing war. "Heart, Humour and Action" was what Star Trek Pretoria was about.

We explore the unknown reaches of space, and the guts and inner soul of our characters. Our storytelling contains characters that grow, develop, live, and die. And not everything was the same at the end of the day's events. Time period was several years after STAR TREK NEMESIS.

USS Pretoria
Eclipse class

Current Mission: Exploration of Beta Quadrant
CURRENT LOCATION: Dyson Sphere 3, Seraris Regions. Tak'cha Eridani system, Grid Epsilon, Beta Quadrant

Angel: Romulan Android, went rogue. Angel was a major threat to anyone who tries to oppose her.

Warlord Falkar: Tarosian Warlord. A dedicated and brilliant tactician, defeated the Pretoria, betrayed the Federation-Romulan fleet in the aftermath of battle, destroying the Romulan Flagship.

Glimera: Nausicaan, Female. She was very calm and even nice on outward appearance, but has a very unstable personality. Bipolar, and can be very very cruel and wicked, purest psychopath.

Pegrange: Nausicaan, Male. Calm, business-like, logical, cunning intellect. He was a true genius, which means he get bored very easily. He was the younger sibling to Glimera. His victims was strung up and left to die on display, a warning to others.

Chester Sinclair-Alexander: Chester, along with other Unknown officer/officers belonging to Section 31 are discreetly trying to arrange the Pretoria's crew to die in "accidents"

Alexandra Grace "Spanner" Maxwell
She is the former acting Chief Engineer, now a member of the Klingon High Council, the House of Spanner.

Alice Brangwin
She is the Federation President, wife of Rakurai Stryker. Together they have twin girls, nearly four years old. Alice was the XO of Petawawa when it was very nearly destroyed by a Cardassian mine, 256 officers died.

Alister Maxwell
He is the First Officer.

Consy Leliana Janeway-Coffee
She is the Intelligence Officer.

Desirée "Kellin" Jensen
Acting Chief Medical Officer. Recently fell in love with Wren

Junior Engineer. Species: Mizajinian Ant

Head of Security. Species: Mizajinian Ant

Lyhse Renee Cochrane
She is the Chief Engineer

Rakurai Stryker
He is the Commanding Officer. Green skinned Amphibian from the Gamma Quadrant.

Samantha Maxwell
She is the Shuttle Pilot, sometimes HELM/CONN.

He is the Science officer, on Vulcan dealing with shock and extreme trauma.

She is the Counselor and Junior Science Officer.

Junior Medic. Half Romulan and Human officer

The Mudd Triplets
Gabrielle, Danica and Candice Mudd. The Triplets run a popular vacation planet, a private military, a massive fleet of freighters and luxury cruise ships. Multi-billionaires.

Signing off, your Friendly Neighbourhood Captain and also the winner of the greenest and scaliest captain award 14 years in a row !

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