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Re: The Neutral Zone, end of the Family unit?

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'Family' ...not something that tries to replicate some fantasy from the 1950s.
And for thousand of years before that across the world, and of course in the decades since "the 1950's".

Let's also please not equate the 'Traditional family unit' with 'Family'.
"Traditional family unit" refers to family in it's most commonly found forms, although (as you point out) not it sole forms.

You see the government getting involved in child care as a bad thing
Personally it would be a matter of degree, for the most part it should be as minimal as possible.

but you're totally in favor of the government deciding what constitutes marriage?
Government does (most places) decide what constitutes "legal" marriage.

I say let marriage be a personal thing totally separate from the government ...
Interesting idea, you mean no official government recognition of marriage at all?

... and offer free child care to working families.
According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, last year 20 percent of American families do not have a single person working.

While I'm not against individuals with specific problems obtaining assistance, the idea of universal free child care would be something I wouldn't support.

Would your idea require the child to go to a government child care facility, similar to the way in American if you want tax payer funded education your child usually has to go to a public school?

Or would the money be tied to the child who then could be sent to a private child care provider?

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