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Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Grading & Discussion

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Maybe no one cared because the villains were perhaps better integrated into the story. In the Nolan films it largely felt organic, though I do think they did a rush job on Two-Face and killed him off way too early. I also thought they killed off Talia too early as well.
Exactly, in the Nolan films the villains were pretty central to the plot. Scarecrow and Ra's wants to poison Gotham in order to "reset" civilization to some degree there. The Joker just wants to have fun and generally cause chaos, Two Face wants revenge for the loss of Rachel and his injuries/sacrifices during the business with The Joker. Bane wants to cause his own brand of chaos and anarchy (and also fulfill the LoS's goals of "resetting" Gotham.) Their motivations are mostly organic and make sense.

In this one, Electro is mad because.... Spider-man sorta didn't recognize him once. Harry/Goblin is made because he has a genetic illness that *should* not entirely take hold for a few decades yet but he wants a cure now and Spider-man is unsure donating his blood to Harry is a good idea.

What they're doing just doesn't quite fit, make sense, or really seem all that fluid on why it all has to involve Spider-man.

Ganja Tea wrote: View Post
Saw it last night. God that movie was horrible. I loved the first one, I think Andrew Garfield is spiderman but man that movie was bad. Nothing made sense. Not the villains, not the motivations, not the bystanders hanging around to watch the firefight between the cops and Rhino. It might not be Batman and Robin bad but some of Jamie Fox's lines made me cringe and think of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze. The only things that worked where the action scenes and the undeniable chemistry between Garfield and Stone and so in keeping with the reasoning of the entire film of course they kill her off. I had high hopes for this series after the first one but absent Emma Stone I don't know this gets any better.
I was fearful once Stone got the part of Gwen Stacey because I knew exactly where it would lead.
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