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Re: UT-TFV: Quality of Mercy

************************************************** **************

Main Bridge
USS Aldebaran

“Captain, sensors have identified a transport signature on the far side of the planet,” Lt. Selvin said. “It came from a ship in orbit.”

Lt. Commander April Thayer sat up in the command seat. “After that ship!”

“Captain, Captain Awokou is demanding he be beamed up immediately,” Lt. Shibata chimed in. April was pleased that the awkwardness that had developed between them had evaporated in the heat of action. Shibata likened himself a player but when it mattered he was a professional, and she was glad to see that.

“Belay that,” Thayer said. “We need to get after the ship.” She sensed the nervousness on the bridge at her order. Only Lt. Narcissa had her back. The Orion stood ready at her station, and eager to follow her orders. “You heard me!” She barked. “Dr. Awokou’s life could be in danger!” That snapped everyone back to attention.

“Mr. Shibata, inform the captain that we are on the trail of a possible suspect in his wife’s abduction,” Thayer said, wincing a little as she imagined the man’s reaction, “and we will beam him up once we return.”

“Aye sir,” Shibata said and relayed the message.

“And inform the Eonessan authorities. We might need their assistance,” Thayer added.

“On it,” Shibata quickly said.

“Red alert!” She commanded and crimson lighting splashed across the bridge. “Raise shields and power weapons.” The hunt was on.
************************************************** *************
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