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Re: SpaceX's Grasshopper

Musk/Space X being attacked on the web by ULA spokeman

The phrase involving the words "deaf ears" comes to mind...

George Sowers tries to say that "ULA does not 'recieve' a subsidy"

And the response? " Regarding the term 'subsidy', if one looks at the definition of the word, it's hard to define the Launch Capability contract as anything but a subsidy."

One of the better responses:

"I'm sorry, but IMHO, ULA was born of illegitimacy. The appeals to ULA's patriotism and the denigration of SpaceX as irresponsible and meddlesome are purely laughable when coming from a corporation with the history that it has"


"I find ULA's irresponsibility the more galling. It is sending tens of millions of dollars a year to the acquisitive Russian government meanwhile our diplomats have to walk a tightrope of punishment and wink-and-nod in order to assure a continued supply to ULA. How did ULA get us in to this mess?"

Elon was going to the former Soviets to buy some rockets--but got treated in a rather ugly fashion:

Elon was ready to buy three Russian ICBMs for $21 million when the Russians told him that no, they meant $21 million for one. "They taunted him," Cantrell says. "They said, 'Oh, little boy, you don't have the money?' I said, 'Well, that's that.' I was sitting behind him on the flight back to London when he looked at me over the seat and said, 'I think we can build a rocket ourselves.'"

in unrelated news, take a look at the puff fusion concept here

China moonbase model

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