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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

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I think it's natural to compare and contrast what's happening in camp Phase II vs. camp Continues and what you see is Continues churning out new episodes like clockwork and Phase II looking disorganized. So it's probably not fair to assume that anyone doing a show like this must run into false-starts and delays. Continues is obviously doing something better than Phase II. For whatever flaws Vic may have on an interpersonal level (and I know some people here love to beat that drum) he seems to be a better producer who is able to get the right people to work for him and get things in the can.
You probably forget the fact that Continues made over 100K last year for their episodes. Phase2 hasnīt a fraction of that money, as far as I know every little bit has to be collected by donations of members and fans. Iīm sure if they had that kind of money, we would already have a lot more episodes!
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