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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Apollo. He has chosen you!
B is for Ben Finney.
C is for Carol Marcus.
D is for David Marcus.
E is for Excelsior. She's supposed to have... well, you know.
F is for the Farragut, James T. Kirk's very first starship posting after graduating from the Academy in 2254.
G is for Grillka. And her questionable taste in men.
H is for the Hanoli system.
I is for Illogical. Highly illogical.
J is for the Jaradan spoken language.
K is for KIROK!!!!!
L is for Lurians.
M is for Mugato.
N is for Nine, Deep Space.
O is for Odo-ital, the "unknown sample".
P is for Positronic brains.
Q is for Quantum realities existing parallel to our own.
R is for Reliant.
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