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Re: Sleepy Hollow (Spoilers)

^ The Peter Pan storyline was horrible and should have been two episodes at most. But peter Pan himself was the best thing the show has done in a long time.

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I don't think they'll stretch the episodes out that much. Reilly has said they plan to air them almost continuously. I think they'll stick to that plan, with a 13-episode mid-season show taking over the timeslot when all of the second season has aired. Here's what Reilly said to Vulture:

Iím going to make somewhere between about 15 or more, maybe a maximum of 18 next year. Those will air all in a row. There will be no preemptions [except maybe] one over the World Series or a holiday.
That's fine by me, as long as the show is as crazy as the first season I don't mind at all. But I could see them changing their minds, I'm in favor of all in the row or a week or two off because of holidays.
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