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Re: ''The Holiest Thing'' (Star Trek Phase 2)

Im a little upset with Phase 2 atm,i love their shows and i think they do a great job but with the delay of the new episode and the lack of info they put out was a little much,for me its been hitting their site everyday trying to get more info and i bet others have been doing the same,i do realize that the more hits they get on their site the more money they make.(and they know this aswell)It would have been nice if they gave us all the info upfront and then ask for us to hit their site to help them make money for the show i would hit it 50 times a day for them...just be honest about it.There is no reason why the update that was just released a few days ago coundnt be released months ago,instead we got next to nothing....but if they said here is whats wrong,this is how long its going to take oh and ya we are in the middle of a move so it going to be awhile for a new update, thne we would know whats going on and not have to keep checking their site every day for an update...yup sry folks just my rant of the day..
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