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Re: Arrow - Season 2

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Aside - whoa, I didn't realize that his island lackey Anatoli IS KGBeast from the comics. Also that he's played by David Nykl, best known to genre fans (until now?) as the Czech science nerd Zelenka, lackey to chief science nerd Rodney Mackay from Stargate Atlantis..!
Whoa, why do these people bother with masks when a fake beard can make you completely unrecognizable...
I keep checking IMDB for the show and I keep seeing that David Nykl is Anatoli, but through some kind of cognitive dissonance on my part, my brain doesn't accept it's him.

In other words, I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo:

First episode with him: "Ooh, who plays Anatoli? David Nykl? No, it can't be..."

Next episode: "Ooh, why plays Anatoli? David Nykl? No, it cant' be..."

and so on, until here we are, with the penultimate episode and I'm still not believing it's him.

I have the same issue with Burn Goram in both Pacific Rim and Game of Thrones, where I can't seem to reconcile either of those roles with him being Owen in Torchwood. Cue the Dory-like reaction of me continuing to think the actor looks familiar, looking it up, shaking my head, and then forgetting until the next time I see him.

Now, John Barrowman is the exact opposite of this phenomenon. At this point, what ever character he's playing becomes "John Barrowman playing Malcolm Merlyn" or "John Barrowman playing Jack Harkness."

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Well, nearly all the secondary characters introduced over the course of this season have been killed off... Assuming Slade is finished off next week, plus a couple more, we have a nearly clean slate to introduce new people for what will likely be a Russia-based arc for the show..?
Considering the theme of this season, I'm betting that Olliver will be able to cure Slade without having to kill him.
I can't figure out why I believe this, but I thought it was revealed that Malcolm was revived after "Sacrifice" with something like Mirakuru. There's something to him beyond League of Assassins training that gives him an edge. Even in "Streets of Blood," he's the only one shown to actually stand a chance against one of Slade's mirakuru-aided soldiers. Everyone else uses some kind of incendiary or, in Felicity's case, a van, to deal with a mirakuru-aided soldier.
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